Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Punter wins $14 million pool bet

A punter from Puerto Rico won a tax-free $14 million jackpot after he placed (and won) a so-called "Pick 6" bet (selecting the winners of 6 consequtive races). His initial stake was $270.

The size of the pool is the result of a booster mechanism, according to which 10% of the betting of pick 6 bets goes into a jackpot pool. These 10% will be carried over from 6-race session to 6-race session until there is a sole winner of a pick 6. This sole winner gets 3/4th of the jackpot and 1/4 goes is carried over to the next jackpot.

The winners' regular pick 6 payout was only $140 thousand, the rest of the payout was came from the jackpot.