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Replays and Presentations Available from the IFHA Conference and ICHSWJ

The PowerPoint presentations and video replay from the 57th International Conference of Horseracing Authorities, which was organized by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA), can now be found at the IFHA website ( or by following the direct link at Additionally, the replay of the International Conference for the Health, Safety and Welfare of Jockeys (ICHSWJ) is also available on the IFHA website or by following the direct link at

The IFHA Conference was held on 2 October at Saint-Cloud Racecourse in Paris, France, and was chaired by Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges. This year’s gathering focused on safeguarding equine welfare and exploring shifts in societal expectations as well as the racing industry’s response around the world. It examined both immediate concerns and forward-looking initiatives to protect and promote equine welfare.

The first International Conference of Horseracing Authorities was organized and hosted by the Société d'Encouragement in Paris, France, on October 9, 1967. Since 1994, the annual conference has been organized by the IFHA. The first meeting had 14 attendees from nine countries, while this year’s Conference convened delegates from about 40 different countries with a number of other racing executives and media members also in attendance. The JRA became the official partner of the Conference beginning in 2021.

The ICHSWJ was held 28 September at Auteuil Racecourse in Paris, following a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The ICHSWJ featured presentations and panels on concussions, spinal injuries, and mental health and psychological fitness before concluding with recently retired third-generation jockey Tom Scudamore providing his reflections on the Conference.

About IFHA

The IFHA is the global leader for the international sport of Thoroughbred racing, seeking to promote all facets of the worldwide sport; protect the welfare of the equine and human athlete; and protect and grow its global social and economic significance for current and future generations.

Major areas of the IFHA’s activities include:

    • Making and amending the International Agreement on Breeding, Racing and Wagering (the IABRW)
    • Policy development relating to welfare and safety of horses and riders
    • International Race Planning and Grading (“black type”)
    • World Rankings
    • The fight against Equine Prohibited Substances and Practices
    • Harmonization of Racing Rules
    • Certification of IFHA Reference Labs
    • Fostering commercial development of the racing industry globally

The IFHA is a foundation member with Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) of the International Horse Sports Confederation and is affiliated to the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH).


The ICHSWJ is a committee of the IFHA, and its mission has been to ‘provide a forum to discuss and implement strategies to raise the standards of safety and the standards of care provided to jockeys’ and its vision has been to ‘create a safer and healthier everyday life for jockeys when they participate in the sport.

The ICHSWJ’s stated objectives are as follows:

    • Raise awareness of jockeys' health, safety and welfare issues
    • Harmonise standards and procedures throughout the world
    • Harmonise the collection of injury data
    • Provide a forum for the sharing of information
    • Share research findings and foster collaboration
    • Harmonization of Racing Rules
    • Propose strategies to deal with issues on a global basis
    • Set-up a more effective communication mechanism between countries

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