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OSAF Medication and Laboratories Committee Meeting

San Isidro, Buenos Aires – Argentina

On Tuesday 17th of June, at the headquarters of OSAF in Buenos Aires, OSAF’s Committee on Medication and Laboratories met, presided by Dr. Alberto Costa – Chief Veterinary Officer of the Argentine Jockey Club/San Isidro Racecourse – and with the presence of the Chairman of the OSAF Technical Advisory Committee, Dr. Ignacio Pavlovsky Jr.

The issue of doping control and the ban of raceday medication is one of the most relevant aspects on which the International Federation (IFHA) works restlessly, relying for this on the regional organizations in pursuit of a World-wide harmonization of regulations, aiming at a healthier and more transparent sport and in order to preserve Thoroughbred welfare.

In Latin America, the OSAF Committee of Medication and Laboratories brings together the specialists on this field, who meet biannually in order to work on the local updates and bring solutions at a regional level.

In this opportunity, the official veterinarians and analysts of OSAF member racecourses took part: From Argentina, Drs. Federico Tomé, Teresita Zambruno, Patricia Porto, Natalia Bardoni, Cecilia Barbara and Teodoro Däsch (Jockey Club), Ángeles de Cristofano, Ester Trombeta, Liliana Madarro y Ramón López (La Plata), Ricardo Campodónico y Claudio Huarte (Palermo), Andrés Smetana (La Punta), Osvaldo Teme Centurión (Department of doping control, CENARD); from Brazil, Dr. Mayra Frederico (Jockey Club Brasileiro); from Chile, Drs. Mariano Goic (Club Hípico de Santiago), Arnaldo Croxatto (Hipódromo Chile), Cristian Camargo (Department of doping control, University of Chile) and Ivan Nuñez Prado (Consejo Superior de la Hípica Nacional); from Peru Drs. Augusto Aguirre and José Luis Lozano (Jockey Club del Perú); and from Uruguay Drs. José Gallero Quadros and Eleonora Scoseria (Hípica Rioplatense Uruguay).

The issues addressed during the meeting, were the following:
  • Sampling: Updates, Certifications
  • Control: prior to racing and in-between days
  • Handling of Lasix and other drugs
  • Lesions, Epistaxis, statistics, penalizations.
  • Health control and injury statistics in Training Centers

  • Methods and equipment
  • Positive results. Different substances and new substances found
  • Certifications
  • Participation in OSAF Inter-laboratory evaluations, results
  • Reference material
  • Difficulties and challenges

Unlike previous meetings, in this opportunity the meeting dynamic featured two separate but simultaneous working sessions, one for veterinarians and the other one for analysts, where each representative gave an update of the current scenario in each of their countries and institutions, bringing forward the difficulties faced and the aims to achieve on the short and medium term.

The main goal of this meeting was to carry out a detailed overview of the current local situation, bearing in mind the most relevant aspects of each of these specialized departments, and building a more fluent communication between Latin American specialists, with the purpose of outlining objectives in common for the whole region. 
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