Saturday, November 11, 2006
Betting site to refund US punters

The UK online gambling site BetOnSports, whose CEO was arrested while entering the US this summer, accepted a settlement with the US justice.

The civil settlement stipulates that the company:

  • stops permanently from accepting any bets from the United States;
  • repays punters all the wagers made before the law suit was filed.
  • places advertisements in a major newspaper informing them about this decision.

    The settlement does not effect the ongoing criminal case against BetOnSport's CEO David Carruthers, who remains under house arrest in St. Louis. Carruthers faces 22 counts of fraud and racketeering charges. His case is scheduled to go to trial early next year.

    Strangely enough, the company announced to focus its activities on the Asian market in the future. The company's activities are illegal in most of the countries in the region and enforcement perhaps stricter than in the US.