Monday, June 12, 2006
New rule to promote export of UK racing

From the press statement below, copied here in its entirety, we can deduct that the UK racing sector has agreed on the introduction of 48 hour declarations.

The replacement of a 24 hour deadline by a 48 hour deadline for inscribing horses and jockeys at races will allow the relevant inscription data to reach betting operators earlier. This is most relevant for foreign betting operators, who will now have the time to reproduce the data in local formats and hence facilitating the betting on UK races.

Horse owners in particular had objections to the change, at it would give them less flexibility inscribing horses for races, for example if they had doubts about the fitness of the horse.

Media Statement at

Speaking today BHB Chief Executive Greg Nichols said: “We appear to have reached the finishing line, and have broad agreement that 1st August is the target implementation date. Today’s developments will be welcomed by many parties, including regional newspapers which help to promote racing by including racecards.

“The discussions have certainly been protracted, but it is to the credit of the RCA and the Horsemen’s Group that they have reached a commercial agreement that will be to the overall benefit of the sport. That said, the real work of generating additional income for Racing now begins.”