Monday, October 25, 2004Contact: Maurits Bruggink
EU study on Sports Contents over 3G Networks

The European Union (EU) has initiated an inquiry into the provision of sports contents over third generation (3G) mobile telecommunications networks. The purpose of the inquiry, according to the EU, is to have a view on the availability for 3G networks of audiovisual sports rights in the European Union.

The EU believes that sports rights are most likely powerful drivers for the roll-out of new media services over enhanced Internet and 3G mobile networks.

Mobile betting on horseracing is already big in some countries, like Japan. It is likely going to develop further with the availability of images of horseracing, which are possible if the 3G networks are in place.

The IFHA has been approached by the European Union to provide information by this inquiry. The response will certainly emphasize the intellectual property rights on racing data and images and point at the restrictions to the use of these in each country according to its gambling laws.

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